Holy Guacamole

Chipotle lovers brace yourself for an amped up burrito joint because Tacoria is like Chipotle on steroids. Located at 56A Easton Ave, Tacoria has a variety of Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, and burrito boxes. My favorite aspect is the burritos, which are grilled on both sides to create warm, gooey insides. This separates Tacoria from being just another Chipotle-esque chain. To make it even better, Tacoria also offers guacamole for an additional $1.50 (compared to Chipotle’s $1.80). It might not be a huge amount, but when you’re eating on a budget any deal helps.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-10-36-49-am (Photo curtesy of Tacoria’s Instagram page)

Another one of my favorite things about Tacoria is the atmosphere. You walk in to an open store front which makes the place feel very welcoming. Seating options are limited inside, but if you continue to the back exit you will find yourself in an enchanted courtyard. It’s a great spot for a quiet dinner in the middle of busy New Brunswick, and it made me almost forget I was in a city. Here’s a photo from one of my visits there.



Let’s run a blog

Many people are not invested in their meals and some go through life just eating as a necessity. My purpose is to help them find a greater joy in eating, and to help them get the most out of their trips out to eat. I truly live to eat and I am passionate about the food I enjoy.

I am starting this blog to help the Rutgers and New Brunswick communities find great places to eat. I will have a section of posts dedicated to critiquing local cuisine of all kinds. Restaurants will be critiqued by many categories including: taste of food, presentation of food, atmosphere and design of restaurant, price, etc. I hope to help people expand their taste palette and try new and exciting foods. I will also have a section of posts that will prioritize deals. Deals will include both student deals and any deals that stores offer on different days of the weeks and times of the year. I plan on providing photos of the food from various restaurants so that viewers are well informed on what to expect. Many of these photos will be my own, but I will also include photos from friends, the Internet, etc. Hopefully my blog will help bring customers to many of the local eateries that surround us!

(Header photo courtesy of https://www.tapinto.net)