Let’s run a blog

Many people are not invested in their meals and some go through life just eating as a necessity. My purpose is to help them find a greater joy in eating, and to help them get the most out of their trips out to eat. I truly live to eat and I am passionate about the food I enjoy.

I am starting this blog to help the Rutgers and New Brunswick communities find great places to eat. I will have a section of posts dedicated to critiquing local cuisine of all kinds. Restaurants will be critiqued by many categories including: taste of food, presentation of food, atmosphere and design of restaurant, price, etc. I hope to help people expand their taste palette and try new and exciting foods. I will also have a section of posts that will prioritize deals. Deals will include both student deals and any deals that stores offer on different days of the weeks and times of the year. I plan on providing photos of the food from various restaurants so that viewers are well informed on what to expect. Many of these photos will be my own, but I will also include photos from friends, the Internet, etc. Hopefully my blog will help bring customers to many of the local eateries that surround us!

(Header photo courtesy of https://www.tapinto.net)



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