New Brunswick Restaurant Critique!

Hello foodies! This week I decided to make another screencast, and this time it is a critique of four New Brunswick restaurants. I chose four of my personal favorites: Hansel n’ Griddle, Stuff Yer Face, Playa Bowls, and Hidden Grounds. These four places offer a variety of different kinds of food, and each place has its own special atmosphere. My screencast goes in depth about the deals offered at each place and what people can expect when they eat there!

Making this screencast was pretty easy because I was already familiar with the software, and critiquing the restaurants was no problem at all. Whether you’re interested in a bar, a healthy restaurant, a coffee shop, or a regular old every day kind of place- this screencast is for you! I hope you enjoy my take on these restaurants and I urge you to try them out for yourself. As always, feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or recommendations! Happy eating throughout The Brunz!


Website Sources:

Hansel n’ Griddle

Hansel’s Instagram

Stuff Yer Face

Potachos Images

Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls Image

Playa Bowls Instagram

Hidden Grounds



My First Screencast


Hi guys! As you can see I had to create a screencast, which proved to be an interesting experience. I downloaded the recording software from Screencast-O-Matic and then installed it to my computer. I had to search the internet for two blogs that were similar to mine. I chose Epicurious and Restaurant Girl, which are a recipe blog and restaurant critic respectively.

After finding the two sites, I prepared a script for when I recorded. Then, I started my screencast. This was the tricky part for me because I wasn’t sure how the screencast recording application worked. It took me a few tries to figure out how to get my screen properly aligned inside the camera’s recording box. Once I figured that out I just reviewed the two sites. The purpose of my video was to show my viewers two different types of food blogs. I thought that Epicurious was a good blog, but didn’t enjoy it to the extent that I enjoyed Restaurant Girl. However, I am probably biased because Restaurant Girl’s blog is more similar to mine. During the screencast it was easy to record because I just read off of my script. Also, I followed the tip of only recording a few sentences at a time, which allowed me to make sure I knew what was coming next. I hope my viewers can see what different types of food blogs are like, and that what my blog has to offer is special because it is small and localized.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience to make the screencast and I am glad to have learned how to do one because it is a good skill to know about! I am not sure if I would ever make a recording where I review blogs like this because I prefer to write my reviews. I think that screencasts are a good way for people to share their interests and I hope that mine was informative for my audience!

I hope you enjoyed my screencast, feel free to send me and commentary or feedback and let me know how you are enjoying Food in the Brunz!


Listen up!

Hi guys, I’m here to introduce my first audio post! Making this was a little tricky but a fun experience all around. I created my audio file using Audacity. My first step was to search for a background track using I had decided that I wanted to use an upbeat, welcoming, instrumental track and chose to use Jump for Joy by Scott Holmes. This track struck me as fun and inviting, and was everything that I wanted my viewers to listen to.

After picking my track, I opened it in Audacity. I first chose to put on a fade in effect at the beginning of the track. Then, I was able to record my own voice and introduced my blog. I used the “normalize” effect to merge my recording with the background noise and make the sounds even out. I also added a fade out effect to the background track. When I was finished with that, I cut the rest of the background track that did not work with my vocals. Working with audacity to edit the audio files was a bit of a challenge for me because I have never really worked with audio files like this before. I had to play around with the app to understand what I was doing, but after I got the hang of things it became fun.

In order to post my audio file to my blog I first had to turn it into an MP3 file, which required downloading the LAME Library as a way to transfer the information. Then, I was able to save my Audacity file as an MP3, open it up in Soundcloud and finally post it on this blog.

Overall, my audio post is just giving my bloggers another look into what my blog is all about. I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned because there will be more food related posts coming soon!

My Header

My header represents a variety of the foods that I enjoy and intend to showcase on my blog. The donut represents sweets and desert types of food, the taco represents the salty and savory food that is so bad for your health, and the avocado represents the healthy options. These three foods are a few of my favorite foods , which is why I want them to be front and center on my blog. I made two images and set them to be alternating headers that way people will always be looking at something different. I couldn’t choose between the two and wanted others to be able to enjoy them both.

I found the images through the website Flickr and borrowed photos that were licensed to reuse by TheCulinaryGeek, Javier Padilla, and Paree. I was able to find the photos I needed by going through the creative commons on the website and searching for keywords such as ‘donut’. After selecting my images, I edited them with the use of Pixlr. I added each image in a separate layer, starting with the taco as the center photo. When I added the donut and avocado, I made a duplicate of both layers and then used the horizontal flip tool to insure that my final image would be symmetrical. After saving one version of my header (the plain version with all three images in a row), I decided to play around with the different Pixlr tools. I opened the header that I had saved, so that all 3 images were in one layer, and then added the kaliedescope effect. This transformed the image into a swirly mess of color that I really enjoyed.

Making my header was a lot of fun because I got to make an image that is now the first thing people see when they look at my blog. I hope this gives you a good taste of what my blog is about and I encourage you to continue to explore it!