My Header

My header represents a variety of the foods that I enjoy and intend to showcase on my blog. The donut represents sweets and desert types of food, the taco represents the salty and savory food that is so bad for your health, and the avocado represents the healthy options. These three foods are a few of my favorite foods , which is why I want them to be front and center on my blog. I made two images and set them to be alternating headers that way people will always be looking at something different. I couldn’t choose between the two and wanted others to be able to enjoy them both.

I found the images through the website Flickr and borrowed photos that were licensed to reuse by TheCulinaryGeek, Javier Padilla, and Paree. I was able to find the photos I needed by going through the creative commons on the website and searching for keywords such as ‘donut’. After selecting my images, I edited them with the use of Pixlr. I added each image in a separate layer, starting with the taco as the center photo. When I added the donut and avocado, I made a duplicate of both layers and then used the horizontal flip tool to insure that my final image would be symmetrical. After saving one version of my header (the plain version with all three images in a row), I decided to play around with the different Pixlr tools. I opened the header that I had saved, so that all 3 images were in one layer, and then added the kaliedescope effect. This transformed the image into a swirly mess of color that I really enjoyed.

Making my header was a lot of fun because I got to make an image that is now the first thing people see when they look at my blog. I hope this gives you a good taste of what my blog is about and I encourage you to continue to explore it!


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