Listen up!

Hi guys, I’m here to introduce my first audio post! Making this was a little tricky but a fun experience all around. I created my audio file using Audacity. My first step was to search for a background track using I had decided that I wanted to use an upbeat, welcoming, instrumental track and chose to use Jump for Joy by Scott Holmes. This track struck me as fun and inviting, and was everything that I wanted my viewers to listen to.

After picking my track, I opened it in Audacity. I first chose to put on a fade in effect at the beginning of the track. Then, I was able to record my own voice and introduced my blog. I used the “normalize” effect to merge my recording with the background noise and make the sounds even out. I also added a fade out effect to the background track. When I was finished with that, I cut the rest of the background track that did not work with my vocals. Working with audacity to edit the audio files was a bit of a challenge for me because I have never really worked with audio files like this before. I had to play around with the app to understand what I was doing, but after I got the hang of things it became fun.

In order to post my audio file to my blog I first had to turn it into an MP3 file, which required downloading the LAME Library as a way to transfer the information. Then, I was able to save my Audacity file as an MP3, open it up in Soundcloud and finally post it on this blog.

Overall, my audio post is just giving my bloggers another look into what my blog is all about. I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned because there will be more food related posts coming soon!


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