My First Screencast


Hi guys! As you can see I had to create a screencast, which proved to be an interesting experience. I downloaded the recording software from Screencast-O-Matic and then installed it to my computer. I had to search the internet for two blogs that were similar to mine. I chose Epicurious and Restaurant Girl, which are a recipe blog and restaurant critic respectively.

After finding the two sites, I prepared a script for when I recorded. Then, I started my screencast. This was the tricky part for me because I wasn’t sure how the screencast recording application worked. It took me a few tries to figure out how to get my screen properly aligned inside the camera’s recording box. Once I figured that out I just reviewed the two sites. The purpose of my video was to show my viewers two different types of food blogs. I thought that Epicurious was a good blog, but didn’t enjoy it to the extent that I enjoyed Restaurant Girl. However, I am probably biased because Restaurant Girl’s blog is more similar to mine. During the screencast it was easy to record because I just read off of my script. Also, I followed the tip of only recording a few sentences at a time, which allowed me to make sure I knew what was coming next. I hope my viewers can see what different types of food blogs are like, and that what my blog has to offer is special because it is small and localized.

Overall, I thought it was a good experience to make the screencast and I am glad to have learned how to do one because it is a good skill to know about! I am not sure if I would ever make a recording where I review blogs like this because I prefer to write my reviews. I think that screencasts are a good way for people to share their interests and I hope that mine was informative for my audience!

I hope you enjoyed my screencast, feel free to send me and commentary or feedback and let me know how you are enjoying Food in the Brunz!



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