Hey everyone! I’ve been pretty busy during this holiday season and just wanted to update you on what’s been going on with my groups collaboration to promote Elijah’s Promise! Myself and my partners (editors of Cuisine for College and Posilive) are hard at work creating videos and information to benefit you. We have begun our collaboration projects and hopefully they will be finished and ready to post within the next few weeks. I know that I am super excited! In only a short amount of time my group members and I have passed a lot of milestones and thought of many ideas. The first important milestone that I am proud of was our ability to come up with a solid audience to whom we want to market our projects to. Our Elijah’s Promise videos will be tailored towards first time volunteers that are Rutgers students with a passion! Having our group audience nailed down is exciting because it allows us to easily market and promote towards those individuals. The second milestone that we have reached is deciding what our individual videos will be about! I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin the surprise, but whether or not you are interested in the food or community service aspect of this project there will be a video for you. Two milestones that I can see my group reaching very soon are finishing up our video projects, and posting them on our sites! For our projects we have been focusing on the aspects of digital enhancement. For my screencast, I have been utilizing the sound effects to put emphasis on certain aspects of my video. Also, I have made sure to include plenty visual aid because I am a firm believer that seeing images of food, places, etc. allows people to become more interested!

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, and here’s some nutrition information!The featured image gives you a look at the main food groups that one should be eating every day! Fruits and veggies, whole grain, dairy, protein, and the occasional sugars and oils. People who are not able to afford food can be deprived of the main food groups that they need, which is something to keep in mind when volunteering or donating to a food bank! People need to have healthy options to eat so that they can maintain a healthy nutrition!

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Important Announcement!

Hello to all my food lovers! It’s Zoe Zschack, creator of Food in the Brunz and today I have an exciting accouncement for you guys. For the next few weeks I will be collaborating with Cuisine for College and Posilive to promote awareness about hunger and Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a soup kitchen in New Brunswick that aims to alleviate hunger and empower lives. I will be creating a video post that describes what the procedure for volunteering at Elijah’s Promise is, and why this soup kitchen is beneficial. I hope to get my viewers more involved in the community and to educate you about what you can personally do to help locally. An important focus of this campaign will be to show local restaurants and people how valuable it is to donate time and food to those in need. I hope you are ready to see some collaborative posts from my new partners, and make sure to check out their blogs to learn more about cooking and leading a positive life! You are going to get inspired to be a part of helping people’s lives.


Here’s a sign to help point you in the right direction with the next step you take in life!

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Who’s Ready for a Challenge?????

Hello to my foodies! In all of my excitement to share the best local restaurants with you, I’ve almost forgotten to talk about a Rutgers traditional food that is older than a lot of us. Two words: Fat Sandwiches. Imagine sandwiches stuffed full with your favorite junk foods. Mozzarella sticks, french fries, cheesesteaks, chicken fingers, and sauces beyond your wildest dreams! Fat sandwiches have moved on from the New Brunswick area, but this is the home of the Fat Sandwich. The Daily Targum, a Rutgers based newspaper, wrote an article on the history of Fat Sandwiches! Existing since the 1970s, the grease trucks at Rutgers are known for their gluttonous food and outrageous food challenge. Participants who eat 5 sandwiches in less than 45 minutes are honored on the trucks wall of fame and are allowed to create their own sandwich! Truck owner Abdo Elfeiki says “Business drops with the temperature, he said. Freezing temperatures keep students inside, away from the trucks and make it difficult to serve the students that do brave the bitter chill.” BUT DO NOT FEAR! As of this years addition to College Ave, an RU Hungry restaurant will be opening up in The Yard, which will make it easier for you to get your Fat Sandwich fix all year long! If you haven’t tried a Fat Sandwich yet, I highly recommend heading to the Grease Trucks right away! You can even split one with a friend to keep your health in mind and avoid wasting food.

On another note, I want to show you an important site that aims to resolve hunger. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is trying to end food waste by donating leftovers to homeless shelters. In one month this organization will be celebrating the donation of 1 million pounds of food! Click the image below to view this organization’s website and learn more about the steps you can take to avoid wasting food. Since New Brunswick is a city with a large homeless/poor population it is really important to try to implement food-resource programs that will not cause waste, but give “wasted” food to those in need. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to learn more about what you can do to end hunger in New Brunswick! Whether you are taking part in the Fat Sandwich challenge or the challenge to eradicate hunger, you can continue to do your part in the community!

(Image from Rescuing Leftover Cuisine)

(Featured Image by Edwin Gano, found at Daily Targum)