Important Announcement!

Hello to all my food lovers! It’s Zoe Zschack, creator of Food in the Brunz and today I have an exciting accouncement for you guys. For the next few weeks I will be collaborating with Cuisine for College and Posilive to promote awareness about hunger and Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a soup kitchen in New Brunswick that aims to alleviate hunger and empower lives. I will be creating a video post that describes what the procedure for volunteering at Elijah’s Promise is, and why this soup kitchen is beneficial. I hope to get my viewers more involved in the community and to educate you about what you can personally do to help locally. An important focus of this campaign will be to show local restaurants and people how valuable it is to donate time and food to those in need. I hope you are ready to see some collaborative posts from my new partners, and make sure to check out their blogs to learn more about cooking and leading a positive life! You are going to get inspired to be a part of helping people’s lives.


Here’s a sign to help point you in the right direction with the next step you take in life!

(Image credits to Bill McChesney, some rights reserved)


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