Guest Post Here: “Make a Meal to Serve Your Community” By Cuisine4College

As you all know I am in the middle of my collaborative campaign to promote Elijah’s Promise to the New Brunswick community! I would like to present you with a guest post by one of my partners Cuisine4College (edited by Yasmeen Marques). Please check out her post below, as she has made a video dedicated to teaching amateur chefs how to cook a bulk meal that can be donated to food banks or soup kitchens, such as Elijah’s Promise.

“Hi everyone! Cuisine4College (editor Yasmeen Marques) has officially started the collaborative campaign you’ve been waiting for with Foodinthebrunz (editor Zoe Zschack), and Posilive (editor Brian Oates). As we’ve announced previously, we will be collaborating to spread awareness to our audiences about Elijah’s Promise, which is a non-profit organization that aims to alleviate hunger in the central New Jersey communities by serving as a community soup kitchen.

Elijah’s Promise fights to end hunger through promoting good food for all, providing education and job training for the food industry, and creating social enterprise food businesses that help build a better world.

I have created a video that will demonstrate an example of a meal, Spaghetti, that can be served as dinner for those who are hungry. Spaghetti is a meal that requires cheap ingredients to incorporate and is easy enough to make in bulk in a small amount of time. This video has the purpose of encouraging those who wish to cook and support their local community by serving a meal. There are tips provided on how to make an affordable spaghetti dinner in a hearty and skillful way.

I have utilized a video I found on Bing titled, “5 Meals that Feed 10 for $5 Big Meals CHEAP for tight budgets” by Big Family Homestead, which gives specific ingredients for the recipe and price ranges. I also utilized an article I found on Delallo titled “How to cook perfect pasta,” which gives tips on how to properly cook a pasta dish. Take a look at my video combining these sources to create a how-to guide on how to cook a bulky dish that is cheap and tasty that you can make and serve to your community.

Elijah’s Promise not only provides a soup kitchen, but also provides cooking classes which demonstrate how to cook meals that a great for families. This video can be used for those who cannot attend these classes, but still wish to learn about meals they can make for their families on a budget! Please support Elijah’s Promise or any other organizations with the same mission to alleviate hunger in your area in any way that you can.

Thank you for watching!!

Feel free to contact me about any further information through the contact page of via email:”

(Video by Cuisine4College)


The In’s and Out’s of Elijah’s Promise

Hi bloggers! I’m finally presenting you with my long awaited screencast about Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen. This video will give you all of the necessary information that you need in order to volunteer for Elijah’s Promise! This includes the different types of volunteer shifts that are availible, including how old you have to be to volunteer! Important dress code rules and regulations can also be found listed in this video. I have also included a video from the Elijah’s Promise website, in order to give you a first hand look at how rewarding volunteering is! Continue to check out my  collaborators blogs, Cuisine4College and Posilive, to review their videos too. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share feedback with me via

(Video from Elijah’s Promise)

Meme lovers Unite


Memes. You either love them or you don’t have the right sense of humor. Just kidding! Maybe you just aren’t seeing the right content. Internet culture has made the spread of memes so popular, to the point where nearly any topic is “memeable”. From “Bad Luck Brian” to the latest “Kermit vs. Inner Kermit” memes, there should be something funny for everyone. The first meme that I chose to share with you guys today portrays images of the 3 Rutgers campuses: Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark. It is clear that the photo from New Brunswick is real, while the other two images portray poorer areas. It is a pretty well known “fact” among Rutgers students that New Brunswick is on a higher level than the other two campuses, aka thats why this meme can circulate. Whether or not it is actually true that New Brunswick is the “better” or “more official” of the Rutgers campuses, it is still enough of a known stereotype that people can make memes about it.

Our next meme is about the infamous Brower Commons. As an incoming Rutgers freshman who was going to live on College Ave, all I heard about was horror stories of the dining hall: Brower. I figured it couldn’t be that bad, but Brower never fails to amaze me with their insane concoctions that they sometimes present as edible. This meme takes a well-known scene from the Lion King, and changes it to be relatable to Rutgers students. For anyone who doesn’t go to Rutgers, this may not seem like a funny joke at all and there may not be a “bigger picture” that this meme represents, but there is still a market for this kind of humor within the Rutgers community.


The last meme of the day is relevant to my collaboration project to promote Elijah’s Promise and to alleviate hunger. What looks like a crying women is actually known as a “first world problems” meme. In this photo, the women seems distressed over a child’s death, but then we see that s/he was just a “sponsored” child and actually had no effect on the woman’s life. This meme is also part of a genre of memes that might make you wince when you read them, because they target topics that are true in an uncomfortable way. Yes there are children starving and people constantly feel bad for them, but how many “privileged Americans” are actually helping out?


I like the memes that I have chosen to because I believe they are a good example of user-made content. The first two are very specific towards Rutgers, in a way that makes you know a student created them. They make you feel connected to other students because you all share similar experiences and learn to have a similar kind of humor. The last meme is easy to appreciate because it is relevant to a larger world-topic that is sadly true. In this way, memes have the power to bring awareness to uncomfortable issues. Hope you enjoyed these memes and if you see any new content feel free to send me an email!

(Memes brought to you by Rutger Colege, @LifeatRutgers, and MemeGenerator)

Bulk Meals to the Extreme

This is a video about the Rutgers Dining Hall system and how food production works there! Cameron Bowman produced this video for the Rutgers Today Youtube page. Although I do not know who this person is, the video is credible because it features a variety of staff members who direct and oversee the Rutgers Dining Facilities. The producer of this content keeps their identity hidden for the majority of the video, until the credits, but because it is published under a credible Rutgers account viewers know that the information is true and relevant.

By sharing this content, Rutgers students, faculty, and non-affiliates get a deeper look at the in-depth process that is Rutgers Dining. People will be aware of the hard work that goes into feeding the thousands of students, which will hopefully make them appreciate the staff more. The video does not talk about food waste, but I am sure that many of the meals made do go to waste. That could be a controversial topic if people were to start questioning why so many meals are being made if there is any abundance of wasted food at the end of the day.

My lack of knowledge of who the author of this project is does not affect my thoughts when viewing the video. Since the people in the video are professional sources I know that I am getting reliable information. I have even seen some of the dining hall managers around campus! If the people in the video were not professionals, then the author might have lost some credibility.

For my upcoming video project about Elijah’s Promise food bank, I will be utilizing the importance of credible sources. I am making sure that I give my viewers information directly off of the Elijah’s Promise website, so that they know they are being properly informed. Stay tuned for the video, which will be appearing in the next few weeks!