Bulk Meals to the Extreme

This is a video about the Rutgers Dining Hall system and how food production works there! Cameron Bowman produced this video for the Rutgers Today Youtube page. Although I do not know who this person is, the video is credible because it features a variety of staff members who direct and oversee the Rutgers Dining Facilities. The producer of this content keeps their identity hidden for the majority of the video, until the credits, but because it is published under a credible Rutgers account viewers know that the information is true and relevant.

By sharing this content, Rutgers students, faculty, and non-affiliates get a deeper look at the in-depth process that is Rutgers Dining. People will be aware of the hard work that goes into feeding the thousands of students, which will hopefully make them appreciate the staff more. The video does not talk about food waste, but I am sure that many of the meals made do go to waste. That could be a controversial topic if people were to start questioning why so many meals are being made if there is any abundance of wasted food at the end of the day.

My lack of knowledge of who the author of this project is does not affect my thoughts when viewing the video. Since the people in the video are professional sources I know that I am getting reliable information. I have even seen some of the dining hall managers around campus! If the people in the video were not professionals, then the author might have lost some credibility.

For my upcoming video project about Elijah’s Promise food bank, I will be utilizing the importance of credible sources. I am making sure that I give my viewers information directly off of the Elijah’s Promise website, so that they know they are being properly informed. Stay tuned for the video, which will be appearing in the next few weeks!


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