Meme lovers Unite


Memes. You either love them or you don’t have the right sense of humor. Just kidding! Maybe you just aren’t seeing the right content. Internet culture has made the spread of memes so popular, to the point where nearly any topic is “memeable”. From “Bad Luck Brian” to the latest “Kermit vs. Inner Kermit” memes, there should be something funny for everyone. The first meme that I chose to share with you guys today portrays images of the 3 Rutgers campuses: Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark. It is clear that the photo from New Brunswick is real, while the other two images portray poorer areas. It is a pretty well known “fact” among Rutgers students that New Brunswick is on a higher level than the other two campuses, aka thats why this meme can circulate. Whether or not it is actually true that New Brunswick is the “better” or “more official” of the Rutgers campuses, it is still enough of a known stereotype that people can make memes about it.

Our next meme is about the infamous Brower Commons. As an incoming Rutgers freshman who was going to live on College Ave, all I heard about was horror stories of the dining hall: Brower. I figured it couldn’t be that bad, but Brower never fails to amaze me with their insane concoctions that they sometimes present as edible. This meme takes a well-known scene from the Lion King, and changes it to be relatable to Rutgers students. For anyone who doesn’t go to Rutgers, this may not seem like a funny joke at all and there may not be a “bigger picture” that this meme represents, but there is still a market for this kind of humor within the Rutgers community.


The last meme of the day is relevant to my collaboration project to promote Elijah’s Promise and to alleviate hunger. What looks like a crying women is actually known as a “first world problems” meme. In this photo, the women seems distressed over a child’s death, but then we see that s/he was just a “sponsored” child and actually had no effect on the woman’s life. This meme is also part of a genre of memes that might make you wince when you read them, because they target topics that are true in an uncomfortable way. Yes there are children starving and people constantly feel bad for them, but how many “privileged Americans” are actually helping out?


I like the memes that I have chosen to because I believe they are a good example of user-made content. The first two are very specific towards Rutgers, in a way that makes you know a student created them. They make you feel connected to other students because you all share similar experiences and learn to have a similar kind of humor. The last meme is easy to appreciate because it is relevant to a larger world-topic that is sadly true. In this way, memes have the power to bring awareness to uncomfortable issues. Hope you enjoyed these memes and if you see any new content feel free to send me an email!

(Memes brought to you by Rutger Colege, @LifeatRutgers, and MemeGenerator)


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