Guest Post Here: “Make a Meal to Serve Your Community” By Cuisine4College

As you all know I am in the middle of my collaborative campaign to promote Elijah’s Promise to the New Brunswick community! I would like to present you with a guest post by one of my partners Cuisine4College (edited by Yasmeen Marques). Please check out her post below, as she has made a video dedicated to teaching amateur chefs how to cook a bulk meal that can be donated to food banks or soup kitchens, such as Elijah’s Promise.

“Hi everyone! Cuisine4College (editor Yasmeen Marques) has officially started the collaborative campaign you’ve been waiting for with Foodinthebrunz (editor Zoe Zschack), and Posilive (editor Brian Oates). As we’ve announced previously, we will be collaborating to spread awareness to our audiences about Elijah’s Promise, which is a non-profit organization that aims to alleviate hunger in the central New Jersey communities by serving as a community soup kitchen.

Elijah’s Promise fights to end hunger through promoting good food for all, providing education and job training for the food industry, and creating social enterprise food businesses that help build a better world.

I have created a video that will demonstrate an example of a meal, Spaghetti, that can be served as dinner for those who are hungry. Spaghetti is a meal that requires cheap ingredients to incorporate and is easy enough to make in bulk in a small amount of time. This video has the purpose of encouraging those who wish to cook and support their local community by serving a meal. There are tips provided on how to make an affordable spaghetti dinner in a hearty and skillful way.

I have utilized a video I found on Bing titled, “5 Meals that Feed 10 for $5 Big Meals CHEAP for tight budgets” by Big Family Homestead, which gives specific ingredients for the recipe and price ranges. I also utilized an article I found on Delallo titled “How to cook perfect pasta,” which gives tips on how to properly cook a pasta dish. Take a look at my video combining these sources to create a how-to guide on how to cook a bulky dish that is cheap and tasty that you can make and serve to your community.

Elijah’s Promise not only provides a soup kitchen, but also provides cooking classes which demonstrate how to cook meals that a great for families. This video can be used for those who cannot attend these classes, but still wish to learn about meals they can make for their families on a budget! Please support Elijah’s Promise or any other organizations with the same mission to alleviate hunger in your area in any way that you can.

Thank you for watching!!

Feel free to contact me about any further information through the contact page of via email:”

(Video by Cuisine4College)


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